I believe that we need a fiscally responsible government that stays out of our personal lives.


For too long we have elected officials that only care about getting elected the next time.
For too long we have elected officials that only give lip service to the national debt.  
For too long we have elected officials that don't support our troops.  
For too long we have given our government the power to erode away our personal liberty.

 It is time for a change.

Meet and Greet    Thursday January 18th 7:00 - 8:00 PM at the Silver Grill Cafe 

Come out and meet me.  I will be answering any and all questions.  Most importantly, I will listen to your concerns.

ATX VETS Candidates Forum  Wednesday February 7th at 6:30  (8706 FM 812)

This is a forum for all candidates running for office in Austin to speak to our nations veterans.  I am very excited to speak to a group that has done so much for our country.

Total of proposed fiscally conservative budget cuts that make our country stronger,  (with more to come)

174.6 Billion

  • Foreign Aid - 25.8 
  • T.S.A. - 7.5
  • Earmark (Pork-Barrel) Spending - 6.8
  • The War in Afghanistan - 5.7
  • The War on Drugs - 26
  • Vacant Federal Property - 1.7
  • Fossil Fuel Subsidies (for extraction only) -14.7
  • Overseas Contingency Operations - 85.3
  • Amtrak - 1.1

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