The War in Afghaniatan

The Afghanistan war has cost over 1 trillion dollars according to the government.  Other estimates that include the cost of borrowing and the additional services for Veterans put the cost  significantly higher.  In addition to the monetary cost their have been 2,386 military deaths, 20,049 wounded American service members, and 1,173 U.S. civilian contractor fatalities. We spent 5.7 billion last year, and President Trump is sending in more troops.

We cannot win the war in Afghanistan.  We have no path to victory and no clearly defined mission.  The Taliban and Al-Qaeda are still operating there, and will be if we ever leave.  We are not going to turn Afghanistan into a western style democracy.  I think we need to have a national discussion if it is wise to send our service men and women halfway around the globe to fight in a country that few can point out on a map.  The military deserves to have a path to victory and a clearly defined mission.  We cannot ask our military families to sacrifice so much over such an extended amount of time in an endless war.

Its time for a change. I think after looking at the high cost and the low return we should end the war in Afghanistan.