The New Tax Plan

Today the Senate is making a new tax plan for our nation.  It is a tax plan that could add 1.5 TRILLION to our national debt.  It should be a criminal offense to willingly put such a burden on the American taxpayer.

Taxation and spending are two sides of the same coin.  In some ways it does not matter which tax plan we have, as long as federal spending continues to rise so will our debt.

The root cause of the problem is the men and women we send to Washington are too chicken to cut federal spending.  They are afraid they might lose votes and they are terrified that they will lose campaign donors.

I have proposed 72 billion dollars in budget cuts in less than 2 weeks.  That is about 1/6 of this years deficit.  I have many more ideas to cut the budget.  The cuts that I have proposed do not harm anyone, they do not take anything form anybody, and I believe that they will make our nation stronger.  They are what sound fiscally conservative policy looks like.

It is time to stop sending chickens to Washington, It's time for a change.