Amtrak should be privatized.  Amtrak could be a profitable private business, if the government would stop interfering.  They do very well in the northeast region of our country.  Everywhere else they do poorly. The trains are antiquated, they need billions of dollars of maintenance, and they are never on time.  If Amtrak was a private business it could maximize the areas where it is profitable, and minimize the areas where it operates at a loss.  Since it is a government program it has to do what the government says, regakrdless of whether it makes business sense or not.

I do not understand why our congressmen and congresswomen insist on giving billions to Amtrak.  In FY 2018 they are going to spend more than a billion dollars on Amtrak. It is time to end this fiscally irresponsible program.  Amtrak will be stronger and more efficient if they are privatized, and our nation will be better off.

I think our congresspeople are afraid of negative press that might come from prioritizing Amtrak.  It might cost them a few votes or some campaign donations in the next election, and it seems they only vote to secure their next term in Congress.  We need a congressman who will vote on every issue without influence from a political party, based on the facts of the issue at hand, and votes for the good of America.  It's time for a change.