Congressman Bill Flores is a Fiscal Liberal who is Fiscally Irresponsible

Today Congressman Bill Flores voted to increase the national debt by more than a trillion dollars over the next 10 years.  This is in addition to the 10 trillion that is currently expected to be added under current law in that same time frame. The vote that Congressman Flores cast today coupled with the vote he cast a few weeks ago that increased federal spending will add up to over 30 trillion dollars in national debt by 2027.  The interest alone on this much debt will hurt our country, and most likely we will have to have massive tax increases, while gutting social security, Medicare, and other social safety net programs  We should be working today to fix our problem with deficit spending, not kicking it down the road.  There are many things we can do today that can stop deficit spending and at the same time make our country stronger. I have proposed over 170 billion in cuts to next years budget.  They are cuts that don't take things away from people, they don't harm anyone, and they will make our country stronger.  They are sound fiscally conservative policy.

These two votes that Congressman Flores cast prove that he is two things.  The vote he cast that made our government bigger and enabled our government to spend more proves he is a FISCAL LIBERAL. The vote he cast that will grow the national debt proves he is FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE.

In November there will be three candidates on the ballot for District 17.  Bill Flores, a Democrat (either Rick Kennedy or Dale Mantey) and Peter Churchman.  I am the only one that is both a fiscal conservative and fiscally responsible.   If you believe that we should end deficit spending and pay off the national debt without raising taxes, I am the only candidate who will make the choices that lead us that way.  It's time for a change.