Tom Goynes is what Fiscal Conservatism and a desire to help people looks like.

Tom Goynes has for decades been a steward of the environment.  He cares deeply about Texas rivers and has done his best to protect them.  He has collected money to buy river access and parks for the public.  He has done this WITHOUT THE GOVERNMENT.  Many times he has had to fight the government to stop harmful things from happening to Texas water.  In the one instance that the government offered to help the T.R.P.A. with flood mitigation, the feds were suprised that Mr. Goynes and a few concerned people could do what needed to be done for the river without spending millions of taxpayer dollars.

This is what fiscal conservatism is in its finest form.  Tom helps the community preserve their natural assets without taxpayer dollars.  I believe that as a nation we should stop spending taxpayer dollars and empower concerned citizens like Tom to take charge.  There are a multitude of people from farmers to hunting organizations to Greenpeace that deeply care about and are motivated to save the environment.  They have the power and the necessity to do it more efficiently than the government.  We should let them, it's time for a change.

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