High Speed Rail

I like infrastructure projects, especially infrastructure projects paid for by private companies.  We have one of these projects in Texas right now.  The "Texas Bullet Train" is a proposed project to link Dallas and Houston with a train that will travel at 205 mph and only take 90 minutes of travel time by a private company.

I cannot support this project for two reasons.

1.  The private company behind this project is seeking federal loans.  The government should not put tax payers' money at risk on this project.  There are only two HSR lines in the world that make money.  The rest are supported by government subsidies.  We know from experience that our government is not good at managing rail lines (Amtrak).  When this business fails to repay the loan, I fear that our government will subsidize this project forever.  

If our government wants to back a project linking two major economies, it should loan money to a project like the hyper-loop.  There is no reason to adapt European and Japanese technology from the 80's when new technology is almost ready to be deployed.

2.  In order to get the track straight enough to travel at 205 mph, eminent domain will have to be used.  I do not support the use of eminent domain.  If the land owners, many of whom have had the land in their families for generations, don't want to sell they should not be forced to.

I will be in Fairfield on January 31st to voice my opinion on this issue at the Texans Against High Speed Rail meeting.  There is also a meeting in Mexia on the same day, and one in Jewett on January 30th. I encourage everybody who can to attend.