It is time to end the Drug War

I attended an event tonight where Judge Nick Chu described his pretrial diversion program for people who have been caught with a small amount of marijuana.    It is a good pragmatic step in the right direction.  The people who go through this pretrial diversion program end up with no criminal record for this infraction.  While it is a good first step it is a small one, much more needs to be done.

We should legalize marijuana and end the drug war.  For decades our justice department has used the drug war, especially the war on marijuana, in a manner that has created racial and socioeconomic inequality.  People should be free to choose what they put in their body, as long as it does no harm to another person.  There is no victim when someone smokes marijuana.  We need to reform our justice system so people who have committed victim-less crimes are not filling up our prisons.  

It's Time for a Change