Fiscal Responsibility

Our nation is in debt, yet every year the government spends more than the last year.  It is time to decrease the size of the federal government and balance the budget.


Support our troops

We need to support our troops by bringing them home, and then give them the things that we said we would.  We need to do a better job supporting them in the transition to civilian life by giving them the services that they deserve. They willingly fought for our country, we as a country should give them the services that we have promised.


Stop endless war and nation building

Our nation has not benefited from policing the world or the endless war in the Middle East. Constant war is expensive in dollars and lives, and we are not safer because of it.  We would be better off if we just brought our troops home and let the middle east sort itself out.  The unintended consequences of our actions are often worse for America than the problem that was already there. How many soldiers must die fighting for people who hate them before we leave the middle east?  I say it is time to let the people in the middle east fight for their own country.



We need a new tax system.  I support a simple small flat tax.  Our current system is overlly complex and full of loopholes.

Taxation comes from government spending.  Our Federal government spends more every year, and almost always spends more than they tax the country.  The bill for our debt will come sooner rather than later.  We have already suffered the cost of unnecessary inflation.  We need to restrict government spending now so that we can pay off the debt and not kick the can down the road for future generations.


Social Issues

The government has no place interfering in the lives of people who are doing no harm to others.  Every citizen of the planet has a right to live their life as they see fit as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others.